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Infor EAM v11 Tutorial

Undertand all the great benefits of the most significant Infor EAM solution in a decade. Watch NowInfors demo video on Infor EAM v11. Related articles Infor Announces Most Significant Infor EAM Solution in a Decade ... Continue reading Infor EAM v11 Tutorial »

Live from Las Vegas … APICS, Day 2


Another great day at APICS! I was told the attendance this year is double over last year’s number—a sign of an improving economy.Tuesday, the buzz was all about how manufacturing is gearing up for a turn in the economy and how organizations are ready to invest in technology and equipment ... Continue reading Live from Las Vegas … APICS, Day 2 »

Live from Las Vegas … It’s Saturday, er … APICS, Day 1


Great turnout today! The booth saw lots of traffic, and Infor EAM was a huge success—as was ERP.Many of the Association for Operations Management (APICS) attendees are very interested in more solutions than the APICS conference usually addresses.For instance, sustainability was the number one topic of discussion.Our session with John ... Continue reading Live from Las Vegas … It’s Saturday, er … APICS, Day 1 »

Welcome to the EAM Blog


Guest post by Venson Kuchipudi, Sr. Director, Social Computing Strategy, Infor If you’re reading this, you’re no doubt familiar with blogs and how they’ve revolutionized our communication. At Infor we are using more and more blogs and other forms of social media to both increase the amount of communication we ... Continue reading Welcome to the EAM Blog »

Managing Green Spaces


Guest post by Kevin Price, Asset Management Solution Director, Infor Public SectorTypically, when you hear the words “asset management,” images of large pump assemblies, energy grids, and heavy infrastructure come to mind. For many, however, there are thoughts of trees—and an approach to configure an asset management program to manage ... Continue reading Managing Green Spaces »

What About the Cloud?

OK, so almost everybody on the planet has now heard about the cloud, or cloud computing.It seems to be the latest technology buzz, but what is it really?Is it a new description for the Internet?Is it a Software as a Service or SaaS model? Is it just an alternate infrastructure ... Continue reading What About the Cloud? »

Watt Watcher Programs Engage Employees to Save Energy


I recycle regularly and turn off lights when I leave a room. In my home, I’ve even installed an energy-efficient tankless water heater to save energy and help save the environment. But going green has taken on new meaning over the past couple of years during the deepest recession since ... Continue reading Watt Watcher Programs Engage Employees to Save Energy »

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