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Latest Update on our Lawson 10 Upgrade Betas


Hans Mueller
By Hans Mueller, Program Manager – Early Adopters

For me this time of year always brings a time of reflection.  When I was younger, by mid-August the steady drumbeat of the start of school looming just a few weeks away brought both sadness and
excitement.  Now, many years into my professional life, not much has changed.  The vacations and beach trips, campfires and barbeques that all give the summer that laid back lazy day feeling begin to be replaced with a push, a drive for rolling up your sleeves and getting on with business. Many  companies have two significant periods during a calendar year when software implementations can be slotted – first in the spring, coming off year end and the holiday season, and the second in the fall, coming off those summer vacations.  The same is true for our beta clients, and mid-August is
living up to form and it’s time to get to work!

This week saw a hugely significant milestone at both Radio One and the Kennedy Center.  On Monday, our beta teams were able to complete installation activities and turn over both customer environments for full scale user testing.  We will now move into a much more significant phase of the beta projects in terms of both feedback and validation.  To date, these customer activities have been centered within the IT departments of both clients, as installation and upgrade activities were the central focus. And because those IT resources have such a full and comprehensive knowledgebase of our Lawson systems, feedback and validation has come in throughout the project.  But now, we will be opening up the systems to those individuals within the organization who will ultimately have to provide their signoff on the success of the project – the end users.  Over the next few months, end user testing will validate that these beta customers can use Lawson 10 to pay their employees and vendors, manage their finances, order and receive inventory, and do everything they do today within the Lawson system. 

The Lawson teams have every confidence that the testing these clients undertake will be successful across the board.  We wouldn’t have released the Lawson 10 software if we felt otherwise.  But for many customers, the proof comes not from Lawson’s certification and say-so, but from the testimonials of customers who have actually gone through the upgrade experience and have validated it themselves.  That is why we do betas!

So, as summer comes to a close, it’s time now for all of you to roll up your sleeves and start looking at your businesses, your Lawson environments, and begin mapping out your journey to Lawson 10.  As you undertake those steps, keep checking back on our progress with the beta clients and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at the email address below.

 Hans Mueller, Program Manager – Early Adopters


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