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User Group Season Is Upon Us


Darci Snyder
By Darci Snyder, Director Product Management

Each year beginning in mid-August, the user groups hold “mega-meetings” to share product information and allow users to network. Presentations are given by Infor, as well as customers and partners. The Infor presentations are our opportunities to share company and product information, reinforcing messages previously presented at Inforum and assisting users to know the “new Infor.” 

As a way to expand these mega-meetings, we are introducing additional products to the user group community. The first set being added is the Infor Public Sector Enterprise (Hansen) product set. There will be an additional track covering these products at several of the fall meetings.

The upcoming user group events are:

  • Northeast          – September 19-20
  • Southwest        – October 10-11
  • Great Lakes      – October 12
  • West Coast       – October 15-16
  • Mid America     – October 22-23
  • Metro Regional – October 24-25

In addition to these events, the Infinium customers will be having a user meeting in Louisville, Ky., September 24-26.

We will be adding a Fall Showcase for the XM customers in St. Paul, October 9-10.

For information on more fall Lawson User Groups meetings all over the U.S., click
to register with Digital Concourse.

Darci Snyder


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