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February 2010

Infor Hospitality to Serve Up Solutions at Hostec-Europe


Guest post by Mehreen Moore, Marketing Programs Manager, Hospitality Solutions, SoftBrands, an Infor Affiliate The Infor/SoftBrands Hospitality team will be launching the new combined brand and serving up our solutions to the hospitality industry at Hostec-Europe, Europes leading technology event in hospitality and foodservice, March 1–4, 2010. Co-located with Hotelympia ... Continue reading Infor Hospitality to Serve Up Solutions at Hostec-Europe »

Everyone Loves a Cloud


Guest post by Bill Euler, President, PAS, an Infor Strategic Partner Chances are you’ve heard the words Cloud Computing bantered about. Nice buzzwords, but what do they really mean for you as a hospitality professional? Well, first of all, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page in defining ... Continue reading Everyone Loves a Cloud »

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