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Moving to a new blog


In April 2013, Certpoint Systems was acquired by Infor, one of the world’s largest suppliers of enterprise information systems. Please visit the Infor-HCM blog for continuing news and views on how learning systems are vital for the enterprise of tomorrow. Thank you, Infor-HCM team ... Continue reading Moving to a new blog »

Lessons from the soccer field


Tim Howard will never have to pay for a drink again. Following the USA’s heroic knock-out match against Belgium, goalie Tim Howard and the entire team enthralled the nation as they fought to win until the very end – and very nearly succeeded. But as well as the thrills of ... Continue reading Lessons from the soccer field »

Learning Analytics: The True Impact of Learning


Storming to the top of Amazon’s listings in April, Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century is an unlikely best seller – a 700-page treatise on weighty economics by a French professor. Amid the wide-ranging debate on Piketty’s conclusions, commentators seem to be missing one thing about Piketty’s work that ... Continue reading Learning Analytics: The True Impact of Learning »

Learning content ain’t what it used to be


In the past, learning “content” meant “courses” and producing them was the training department’s job. It was responsible for the creation of courses and for scheduling them. This took place over a period of months, and the schedule of courses was often published semi-annually or annually. Courses were created centrally ... Continue reading Learning content ain’t what it used to be »



As long as work has existed, so too has the idea of boosting productivity. At the beginning of the Twentieth Century, the king of productivity and management was Frederick Taylor, author of The Principles of Scientific Management. His ideas were revolutionary at the time and dominated organisational thinking for at ... Continue reading Productivity »

Developing empowered learners


Is training alone ever enough? Marc Rosenberg doesn’t think so. He recently caught my eye with his blog The Training to Competence Myth. His contention is that by itself training seldom leads to workplace competence. Likening training to an aircraft carrier deck where jets are literally catapulted forward, he says ... Continue reading Developing empowered learners »

The subtle message of ‘cultural adaption’ in international training


How do you ensure your training materials deliver impact?The answer is not as simple as it might seem. Certainly they have to be culturally sensitive and, where possible, it is useful to translate into the local language but this process of “localisation” is only the first step in preparing training ... Continue reading The subtle message of ‘cultural adaption’ in international training »

What did we learn about learning in 2013?


From early December to mid-January there is never any shortage of trend-spotting in the world of learning technology. What’s going to be hot in the coming year? Will budgets rise or fall? Which technologies will reach what point on the Gartner hype curve? There never seems to be much retrospection ... Continue reading What did we learn about learning in 2013? »

The impact of hotbeds of talent


According to Deloitte, London is the world’s leading city for highly skilled individuals. It has about 1.5 million knowledge workers in a population of some seven million spread over 22 sectors, with the British capital apparently leading the world in twelve of these, including finance, culture, publishing and digital media. ... Continue reading The impact of hotbeds of talent »

Your talent is in motion


A new study from Ernest and Young reveals that global organizations are failing to deliver the comprehensive talent management they aspire to. Ara Ohanian VP GM, Infor The research shows that over “half of mobility professionals” working in large organizations are excluded from talent management and other business processes. The ... Continue reading Your talent is in motion »

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