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Mobilizing Your Sales Force with CRM

October 26, 2010

Guest post by Clark Green, Director, Marketing, Infor CRM Epiphany

Smartphones have changed the way we communicate and interact on both a personal level and a business level. And with the advances in mobile technology and data bandwidth, it’s even easier now to envision how your sales force, or any customer-facing employee, can use mobile CRM to decrease sales downtime, improve customer service and retention, and increase sales effectiveness.

With a smartphone in virtually everyone’s hand and the power of these mobile devices advancing dramatically, your customers spend more of their daily lives interacting with the world on this handheld device. Consumers have become accustomed to having life at their fingertips and pretty much expect the same level of technology from the companies that they do business with.

According to a recent National Retail Federation survey,1 roughly 27% of US consumers that own a smartphone will research and buy products this holiday season on their handheld device. Which means you need to meet them where they play and integrate a mobile strategy into your marketing mix. A number of vendors are building on the historically bare-bones apps and developing more robust mobile CRM applications to meet the needs of a sophisticated, integrated, and automated marketing strategy.

Imagine a world where your field sales rep has 24/7 instant access to customer information, and can leave a customer/prospect site, update the opportunity status on the smartphone, and have the rest of the company updated instantaneously. No more waiting for data uploads or the most current info. Not to mention the added benefits of streamlining sales and marketing activities, product up-sell and cross-sell, and cost reduction. It’s all right there at their fingertips.

The future is here! What trends have you seen in the marketplace toward integrating mobile CRM? What are your plans for adopting a mobile CRM strategy to mobilize your sales force? What challenges and/or benefits do you see for your company? Leave a comment to this post with your thoughts.

1Thad Rueter, "A Cheery Holiday Forecast," Internet Retailer, October 18, 2010.


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