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Disruptive by Design


The word disruptive typically has a negative connotation. It takes me back to my school days and all the trouble that somehow seemed to follow me around. Have you ever considered disruption as an effective tool for generating new ideas and innovations? I first came across Daniel Pink, the author ... Continue reading Disruptive by Design »

What NOT to Do!


Many leadership and management guides focus on what to do” as a leader instead of what NOT to do.” Obviously, both are very important, but I came across an article in CBS Money Watch that focuses on five things great bosses never do. (I think there are more than five!) ... Continue reading What NOT to Do! »

"Leader Follower" Loop as a Leadership Strategy


The concept of the feedback loop has been used by many disciplines for decades. Have you ever considered the leader follower feedback loop? Recently I came across an article describing the natural feedback loop that exists between a leader and a follower. Each and every day there are subtle and ... Continue reading "Leader Follower" Loop as a Leadership Strategy »

Wisdom From the Street


At the end of a busy day on a recent trip to San Francisco, I decided to relieve some stress by going for a jog around Union Square. It was a gorgeous day in a beautiful city with conditions that were perfect for some outdoor exercise. At the end of ... Continue reading Wisdom From the Street »

The Importance of Saying No


As a company grows, new potential sources of revenue emerge from all kinds of places. The logic is simple. The more people a company touches, the greater the overall source of ideas. Executives and managers may be tempted to say a quick “Yes” to each new idea. However, saying “Yes” ... Continue reading The Importance of Saying No »

What a Difference Customer Service Makes


Two weeks ago I was shopping at a Saks in California with my wife. I had come in with the intention of merely buying a pair of shoes, but I ended up walking out with an awful lot more. How did this happen? It’s pretty simple. The salesperson who helped ... Continue reading What a Difference Customer Service Makes »

One of your HR Challenges: Managing Change


My oldest is about to start high school in the fall, a huge milestone not only for her, but for me and my wife as well. That age-old question keeps popping up: “Where does the time go?” I remember a little girl with curly locks and big bright eyes wanting ... Continue reading One of your HR Challenges: Managing Change »

The Little Things Do Matter


To offset the effects of a slow economy, it is common for companies look for ways to cut back on spending. But I think this article, “Host a Company Picnic: 5 Reasons,” has some great points about why we should continue trying to keep the employees we keep, happy. Infor ... Continue reading The Little Things Do Matter »

The art of revolutionary software


Last month Infor hosted our annual Innovation Summit in New York, with over 60 analyst colleagues joining us for an overview of successes to date and a view of future plans. We started off in Manhattan’s Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) with a short tour of some key works. My ... Continue reading The art of revolutionary software »

Is performance management really broken?


Is performance management broken? Plenty of people seem to think so – Googling “performance management broken” returns over 50 million results. Since Elaine Pulakos and Ryan O’Leary coined the phrase in their 2011 paper Why is performance management broken?, it has become seemingly inescapable. Why is it so popular? Like ... Continue reading Is performance management really broken? »

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