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Finding Innovation


Who wouldnt want to be more innovative? Many companies look for it in their employees and lots of workers pride themselves in being innovators in their field. We often think of innovation in terms of creating new technologies, products, and making a big splash in the marketplace. In reality, some ... Continue reading Finding Innovation »

Building for talent science success


“What does good look like?” This is a question that is asked a lot – Google it and you’ll generate 700 million results. But there’s a good reason for this, and it’s the same reason “Begin with the end in mind” is second on Stephen Covey’s list of the 7 ... Continue reading Building for talent science success »

Ensuring year-round protection with great candidate assessment


With winter fast approaching, this is a perfect time to consider protection – protecting your house, your car and yourself. Of course, you always take good care of yourself no matter the season – but are you protecting your hiring process with the same rigor? Hiring right is essential for ... Continue reading Ensuring year-round protection with great candidate assessment »

From social media to social business


Open your newspaper or tablet on any given morning and the odds are that you’ll find social media featured in some way. Sometimes you’ll find horror stories, like the tale of the Union Street Guest House in upstate New York. The boutique hotel’s recent attempt to fine guests $500 for ... Continue reading From social media to social business »

Hard dollar impact from HR


Is it really possible for HR to create bottom-line impact for the business? I believe it is, and shared a webinar with Mollie Lombardi of Brandon Hall earlier this week where we discussed the point. Mollie’s mantra is “No business plan without a talent plan”, the point being of course ... Continue reading Hard dollar impact from HR »

Put Your Mind to It!


I have a four-year-old son that was very much a surprise to our family. He came along well after our third child was born. It is always interesting to be the oldest parents in the pre-school class activities. Of course, I wont tell you how much older--that is a story ... Continue reading Put Your Mind to It! »

Playing Games to Improve Employee Retention?


Video games have been around since the popularization of the personal computer. Not to date myself, but I remember my Tandy computer that included a floppy disk of “Pong.” Of course, the Tandy games were soon replaced by an Atari game system. It makes sense that using games would have ... Continue reading Playing Games to Improve Employee Retention? »

Learning analytics for business impact


Recently Kenneth Fung, senior director, strategy, delivered an Infor HCM webinar on how a smarter approach to data can give LD the edge. Click to access the webinar recording. In the past, the training department was required only to report on its activity levels. How many people had it trained, ... Continue reading Learning analytics for business impact »

Inforum 2014 – the key takeaways


Did you miss Inforum this year? If so, you missed something special. It wasn’t just the buzz, although you’re bound to have plenty when 7,000 customers get together (3,000 new since last year). It wasn’t the fantastic music, food and fun, although I’m pretty sure being in New Orleans helped ... Continue reading Inforum 2014 – the key takeaways »

Data Talent Management


Big Data is getting big traction in companies across the globe. Leveraging Big Data to drive talent management is a stated objective of many organizations. I came across this article at discussing the impact of Big Data in improving organizations. Leveraging data to make wise business decisions makes good ... Continue reading Data Talent Management »

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