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What is the ROI of CRM?


When building a business case for a major investment, whether it be for a new hire, new piece of equipment, or even a company acquisition, the strongest evidence you present is an ROI case that shows a rapid return for the investment. And the same is definitely true for software ... Continue reading What is the ROI of CRM? »

Keep it Professional with Customers, (April) Fool


On April 1, many people partake in the pseudo-holiday known as “April Fool’s Day”. From light-hearted and jovial to sometimes downright cruel, family and friends prank and joke with each other throughout the country. It is almost like an excuse to “lie” for a day. While this may be innocent ... Continue reading Keep it Professional with Customers, (April) Fool »

Infor-mation Please


In the nostalgic but heartwarming human interest story “Information Please” by Paul Villard, Reader’s Digest, June 1966, a young boy finds he can get answers to his burning questions from a mysterious “polished oak case fastened to the wall.” (For a tug at your heartstrings click the link) As ... Continue reading Infor-mation Please »

Marketing and Fishing Rule #1: Know Your Target


For those of you who enjoyed reading my last blog post, Small Leads Can Grow into Big Fish, I thought I would continue with the nautical metaphors to discuss another topic that I think is at the heart of all marketing strategies. Actually I would consider today’s topic the first ... Continue reading Marketing and Fishing Rule #1: Know Your Target »

Interview with Jay Baer – Part 1


We (virtually) sat down with Jay Baer, business strategist, New York Times best-selling author of Youtility, and presenter of our upcoming live webinar “Sell More by Selling Less: Connecting with Customers in the Age of Instant Information” to pick his brain on the changing business landscape. Below is part 1 ... Continue reading Interview with Jay Baer – Part 1 »

CRM Can Do That?


It’s no secret that Infor CRM does a fantastic job managing your entire sales process, but it’s also got some unique features that help you keep track of a whole lot more than just your customers. Here are eight popular “hacks” that you never expected CRM to do for you ... Continue reading CRM Can Do That? »

2015 Marketing Predictions


Every year marketers try to guess at what the New Year will bring in terms of trends, key strategies, and emerging technologies that will impact the global marketing landscape. No one knows what the future holds, but here are 3 marketing predictions for 2015 to consider as your refine your ... Continue reading 2015 Marketing Predictions »

Identifying Buying Signals in the Digital Age


The landscape of the business world has changed dramatically over the last few years. What caused this change? The simple answer: the Internet. The creation of the Internet allowed the human race the ability to transfer information within a matter of seconds and this transition is known as the “Digital ... Continue reading Identifying Buying Signals in the Digital Age »

Is YOUtility the Future of Marketing?


by guest blogger Jay Baer, President, Convert Convince. Ever since the first caveman tried to sell a rock to another caveman, we’ve been relying upon some variation of the same marketing song and dance. It doesn’t matter if the message is conveyed via smoke signal, carrier pigeon, direct mail, TV, ... Continue reading Is YOUtility the Future of Marketing? »

December PBA Update and What’s New


It’s that time of year again! Everyone is getting ready for the holidays and preparing to spend time with family, and eat ‘lots’ of good food. I’m sure a lot of you have had some of Infor CRM’s purpose-built applications on your holiday wish list this year for Santa to ... Continue reading December PBA Update and What’s New »

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