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Why cloud is the backbone of a digital supply chain

January 10, 2017

With an ability to link every aspect of a fashion business, digital technology is rapidly converting ”the information age” into ”the connected age”.

In this exciting new environment, companies with manual supply chains that are disjointed, sequential and linear, are simply too inflexible to keep pace with the demands of a consumer-driven marketplace.

Digital supply chain

Connect every aspect of your supply network with cloud.

To design a supply chain for the future, new tools and approaches that enable real-time collaboration and end-to-end visibility become an essential requirement.

Only by treading the entire process as a single, interconnected whole, where information is gather and shared at every point, can a modern business hope to understand customer demand and improve their ability to meet orders with speed and efficiency.

The time for cloud is now

By providing the scalability needed to store and analyze vast volumes of data, and connect suppliers and partners around the globe, cloud plays a central role in a modern supply chain network.

A recent white paper by Tata Consultancy Services points out that market leaders not only embrace technology faster than ‘laggards’ but also encourage continuous improvements.

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With transport and warehouse systems already offered via the cloud, this model is rapidly becoming a mainstream solution and those who ignore this evolution will increasingly struggle to survive.

Listen to our podcast

Episode 1: Cloud and the Industrial Internet

Our three-part Digital Supply Chain series explores the trends affecting supply chains across all industries, and offers actionable advice for empowering your organization in a network-centric business environment.

In this first episode entitled ‘Cloud and the Industrial Internet’ you’ll hear the discussion between two SCM heavy-hitters, host Richard Sherman and John Bermudez, former AMR Research VP and current head of product management at GT Nexus, an Infor company.

The supply chain vets explore the changes since the Supply Chain Council was founded 20 years ago and the incredible effects of new technologies on even the largest business institution.

Hear the conversation here.



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