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AWS’ Orban shares Infor Cloud guest post
June 28, 2016

AWS’ Stephen Orban says one of his favorite quotes is: “Friends don’t let friends build data centers,” coined by Infor CEO Charles Phillips. In his …

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The big shift — Transforming the enterprise software industry
June 21, 2016

Ask an employee at any of the large ERP companies what they do for a living. Typically, you’ll get one of these responses: “I sell …

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Benefits of cloud: The case for business agility and scalability
June 14, 2016

Many companies list the top two reasons to adopt cloud technology as cost savings, and improved security. These are reasons that any organization can relate …

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Can tech save America’s shaky infrastructure?
June 8, 2016

“Our country is literally falling apart. When you drive over a bridge, do you think twice? When you hop on the subway to work, does …

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Why you need best-in-class disaster recovery
May 31, 2016

If you use technology to do your job, it’s likely you’ve been affected by some sort of cyber-attack causing disruption, information loss, and frustration. This …

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Benefits of cloud: SaaS is changing roles of ERP buyers and sellers
May 24, 2016

Cloud software adoption is here to stay — and expanding quickly. Research studies show that cloud, or software as a service (SaaS), is the way …

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The evolution of social business analytics
May 18, 2016

It’s easy to understand the popularity of sharing business analytics across social collaboration platforms, because its value is so obvious. But an even more valuable …

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IT decision makers, you can always get what you want
May 10, 2016

What do IT decision makers want? What do you really need? These are the things we ask ourselves repeatedly. The questions seem simple, but the …

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Real companies, real business value
May 3, 2016

In planning a major deployment, the majority of IT leaders start with the same basic premise: We will deliver real value to the business by …

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Are there hard metrics to prove the business value of cloud?
April 26, 2016

Pick a survey—any survey—on cloud, and the findings are pretty much the same. Spending on cloud is growing about as fast or faster than on …

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