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Work is Beautiful …

By Dan Sholler

When I first heard our new advertising theme, “Work is Beautiful,” I knew some people would wonder what it has to do with enterprise software.  After all, just like many of you, I’ve been part of a world where enterprise software didn’t have to be pretty. It just had to get the job done.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, one reason I moved from Gartner to Infor was the powerful vision Infor is realizing—creating compelling experiences for enterprise software users. It’s about making work add up to more than the daily grind. From performing routine tasks to managing major initiatives, using enterprise software can be enjoyable. I have seen it with my own eyes and through the reactions of the customers Infor is privileged to serve.

In 2012, Infor moved our headquarters to New York City’s Silicon Alley to access the best creative minds on the East Coast. From there, we launched Hook & Loop, part creative lab and part software R&D. Since then, Infor has focused on delivering a holistic, simplified experience across our software.

To create beautiful software, we start with your experience, and dive into understanding what problems you need to solve. Understanding this, we craft beautiful software that is meaningful, enjoyable, and fits naturally with your work environment.

By crafting software that appreciates the art of the everyday, we recognize that our customers’ work is the common element their world is built upon.

Beautifully crafted software that simplifies the way you work.

And yes, I’m convinced; work is beautiful in all its variations, complexity, and minutia. Work unites us.

We’re spreading the word. The image above is our advertisement on the cover of the Wall Street Journal Feb 5.

Visit our new “Work is Beautiful” webpage to see what we mean.

We invite you to share your stories about beautiful moments in your work.  Post your story to this blog under Comments below, or engage with us on LinkedIn or Twitter using the hashtag #WorkisBeautiful. We look forward to hearing from you.

About the author: Dan Sholler is vice president of Infor’s platform and technology divisions. Dan came to Infor after a successful stint with Gartner, where he helped thousands of companies decide how to use and get the most value from their platform technologies.


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