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Infor’s cloud journey: Keeping the customer front-and-center

Business has been talking about the cloud for a while now, but in enterprise software—where large-scale cloud investments have increased 19% in the past year—we’re reaching a clear tipping point. For growth-oriented businesses, whether looking to acquire new suppliers, make new products, or expand to new areas, cloud adoption is the best way to increase agility, lower total cost of ownership, and improve platform security.

We, at Infor, began our strategic pivot to the cloud 18 months ago. What have emerged are our mission-critical Infor CloudSuitesTM, built for key industries like healthcare, aerospace and defense, automotive, public sector, industrial, and more that are being revealed later this year. These Infor CloudSuites are delivered with state-of-the-art security and offer a simple, beautiful, unified user experience.

Despite the benefits, one of the most common concerns I hear from customers is that cloud migration seems like a monumental task. Up until now, enterprise software in the cloud has been either a world of point solutions often from multiple vendors, which require extensive integration, or cloud applications that simply lacked the deep and unique functionality that businesses need. Moving all of that data, all those tools, and all that infrastructure to the cloud doesn’t just sound like a lot of work, it sounds overwhelming—and even worse, it sounds risky.

Infor is going to great lengths to help customers transition to the cloud through what we call the Customer Success Engagement model. With each of our clients, we sit down to discuss business challenges and objectives, and then put together a cloud roadmap and implementation plan. Options range from upgrading an existing ERP to the cloud through our UpgradeX program to choosing an industry-specific Infor CloudSuite. It all depends on the business requirements of the customer.

In the long-term, shifting to the cloud is the best way for businesses to extend their flexibility and decrease their total cost of ownership. But the commitment required to make that happen can seem daunting. We understand that feeling, but we’re also well aware of the transformative impact that migrating to the cloud can have on a business. That’s why Infor is dedicated to helping our customers understand, and work through, the entire process of cloud adoption.

If you’re interested in more information about the cloud, what it can do for your business, and how Infor will help support your migration to the cloud, visit our new CloudSuite page. You’ll find a whole section on about Infor in the cloud, including some short videos from me, in which I talk more about Infor, our process, and our commitment to you.

By Lisa Pope, Infor CloudSuite senior vice president



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