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Business strategy + creative = powerful global brand positioning for Infor

“No two clouds should be alike”: Differentiating Infor in the cloud with industry-specific software.

A critical component for successful enterprise software marketing, and for marketing campaigns in general, is a meeting of the minds between business strategy and creative execution. Customers’ attention is divided across multiple media, so at Infor, we strive to reach customers directly and impactfully with our ‘No Two Clouds’ global brand advertising campaign, now entering its second year.

After a careful examination of the original concept and business strategy, leveraging the ‘No Two Clouds’ theme again this year made sense. The campaign combines messages and images to reflect Infor’s colorful, bold visual style while keeping customers and the product at the center of the strategy. Focused on the critical audience of C-level executives, senior IT personnel, and business decision makers and influencers, the campaign is executed in digital and in static forms throughout domestic and international airports, billboards, phone kiosks, and a multitude of online formats, social media channels, and other outlets.


The No Two Clouds brand campaign is built to communicate Infor’s three strategic pillars:

  • Built for your industry

We have a unique perspective when it comes to building business solutions: we focus on the last-mile functionality required by specific users and use cases. This is only achievable because of deep industry expertise and is done to reduce the cost and time required by implementation or customization.

  • Built on open standards

We employ the flexible architecture of the Internet, and activate it with our lightweight, Infor ION® middleware designed on HTML5 to run across all devices. This allows faster time to value with rapid integrations, deployments and upgrades.

  • Built to create beautiful experiences 

This is the “secret sauce” delivered by our internal creative agency, Hook & Loop. Sitting at the center of product development initiatives, Hook & Loop rethinks conventional business processes and workflows with intuitive, elegant role-specific user experiences—and meets today’s expectation of responsive design on any device.

“The campaign takes a fresh look at cloud deployment that goes deeper than simply ‘moving to the cloud,’” said Chip Coyle, Chief Marketing Officer. “‘No Two Clouds’ has proven to be a versatile campaign because of this approach, and we are at a tipping point in the market, with interest in running robust mission-critical applications in the cloud.”

Hook & Loop isn’t just responsible for developing next-gen user experiences in the applications, it’s also tapped to craft the stories around the Infor brand and its products. The team worked to fuse a key strategic pillar, industry specificity, with the emerging importance of the cloud. The resulting concept forms the foundation of a provocative campaign—one that grabs attention for the Infor brand, positions Infor as a leader in cloud technology, and is tied to Infor’s business strategy.

“We sought to differentiate Infor by embracing the notion that since no two industries have the same needs, their cloud applications shouldn’t be treated identically. The resulting idea was to contrast pairs of industries with imagery that’s not typically juxtaposed,” said Erik Hageman, Director at Hook & Loop. “Through intriguing use of scale and silhouette, we grab attention and visually convey the idea that industry needs are dramatically different. And using bold colors from Infor’s palette and playful copy, we sought to provoke the audience to consider how important it is for their cloud-based software to account for these differences.”


Following last year’s launch, the campaign received positive feedback from partners and customers, and built great momentum in Infor’s advertising efforts. As for the latest round of ads—whether it’s on a digital display at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, or on a poster at Washington Dulles airport—the campaign helps to convey one of our boldest brand stories.

“No Two Clouds is a simple yet memorable message to reinforce Infor as the world’s first industry cloud company,” Coyle said. “The brand message and positioning lay the foundation for all of our demand generation campaigns across industries, and across our product portfolio.”

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Chip Coyle, CMO, and Erik Hageman, Creative Director, Hook & Loop, were interviewed for this post.

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