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Video: The future of Infor customer experience

Customer experience is a hot topic at Infor these days. A recent study found that companies that cultivate positive customer experiences outperform the S&P 500 by 26 points.

“Customers are expecting Infor to share innovative ideas and solutions with them,” says Mary Trick, chief customer officer at Infor. “And what a great opportunity for us!”

Trick’s team has identified an Infor customer life cycle, which is being used to train employees to provide extraordinary customer experience. By participating in upcoming workshops, each employee will learn what is expected of him or her in each stage of the customer life cycle—and how every Infor employee’s interaction with customers leaves an impression.

“It is our goal that each of these interactions leaves an impression that our customers’ success is what matters,” Trick says.

Watch this video to learn more:



By Phil Nanus, Infor VP Customer Success

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