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Video: Infor customer success managers work for you

Infor’s reinvigorated approach to customer experience is across the entire company.

Chief customer officer Mary Trick visits often with customers. “Many of them tell me how great their account exec is, specifically keeping them up to date on new technology, bringing them innovative ideas,” she says. “Other tell me how great their Infor consultants are and how much they’ve been able to do with the software beyond their expectations. And many of our customers rave about their customer success manager. The CSM is 100% dedicated to helping their customers achieve their business goals.”

“At Infor, we believe the customer experience is entirely about the business value, the realized outcome, the return on investment achieved by our customers through the use of Infor solutions,” Trick says. “It’s about the entire experience the users have with our software, our services, and our people. We want to make it easy for our customers to do business with us. Everything we do in the name of customer experience is focused on our customers’ success using our software.”

Watch this video to learn more.


By Marylon McGinnis, SVP, Infor Global Support

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