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Celebrating 30 years of INFOTEAM and Infor M3

This week, I am attending INFOTEAM Days, annual conference of the Infor M3 user group in Norway, and I learnt it is the longest-running M3 user group in the world. Every year, 200 to 300 attendees—Infor customers, partners, and staff—come together in Oslo/Gardermoen. And this year marks INFOTEAM’s 30th anniversary.

Bilgren-Henrik-M3-forum-WebA little history on the fantastic enterprise resource planning (ERP) product that brought INFOTEAM together 30 years ago: Infor M3 started as purely a financials and distribution application on the IBM System/38. Then Intentia developed it into the Movex product, and now, of course, it is known as Infor M3.

A number of companies at the conference have been using the application since its earliest form, and have since upgraded to the latest version (Infor M3 13.3), including Brødrene Dahl AS, a plumbing products distributor.

User group chairman Espen Jørgensen welcomed Infor VP Henrik Bilgren (pictured) to the stage to give a fascinating update on Infor M3. He noted that since 2010 with version 10.x, Infor M3 has received significant investment and enhancement in four new versions. The newest version 13.4 will be generally available in September, and in total, version 13.x will have incorporated more than 1,400 improvements – 83% of which have been driven by the global user groups.

Another compelling fact: On average, customers upgrading to the latest M3 version 13.x are able to retire 69% of modifications. No joke. One customer I spoke to expects to retire more than 80% of the mods that had restricted his company from upgrading in the past.

Trick-Mary-M3-forum-WebInfor Chief Customer Officer Mary Trick (pictured at right) was also a featured guest on stage. She got attendees really thinking about the ways they engage with their own customers. She spoke about delivering “exceptional customer experiences” and how powerful this is (arguably even more powerful than product quality and price), because survey research has found that if a customer has two bad experiences with a supplier, they are unlikely to ever do business with them again. It’s the “emotional experience” that really counts these days, Trick said. This encompasses every touch-point a customer has with a supplier from sales calls to receiving an invoice. Companies need to take a holistic, strategic approach to customers.

This is the approach Infor is rolling out itself right now, in order to provide that extraordinary customer experience.

— Richard Moore, Infor PR manager for Europe

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