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Benefits of cloud: SaaS is changing roles of ERP buyers and sellers

Cloud software adoption is here to stay — and expanding quickly. Research studies show that cloud, or software as a service (SaaS), is the way forward for all businesses in any industry — from basic office applications to traditional edge applications like human resources to those mission-critical applications.

This is causing software buyers — typically CIOs and their teams — to realign their role within their organizations, defining new “best practice” models for their internal customers and their own teams.

On the other side of the table, smart software vendors are moving quickly from a product focus to a “customer first” model.

Even just a few years ago — and I can say this with authority as a veteran software sales professional — traditional software companies staffed up with legions of global sales teams. They created development organizations that were focused on building applications to win the ERP/RFP demo competition. It was a known fact that software implementations were subject to run over schedule and over budget, so that the customer often settled for a live system, one that was already behind on upgrades.

As the software industry shifts to SaaS, this model no longer fits. Software buyers are now selecting a partner that ultimately will help run their company’s operations. And smart software vendors realize everything now must begin and end with the customer. The product is simply one piece of the puzzle in providing highest-value service at a competitive price. This paradigm shift is even more evident as customers migrate their mission-critical business systems like manufacturing, supply chain and key industry applications to the cloud.

The cloud is driving change for both software buyers and vendors. It’s a fundamental shift that will drive fast and effective changes in the relationships both groups have with each other, and with their internal teams.

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— Lisa Pope, SVP, Infor global head of Cloud Sales and Strategy



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  1. Elena Peter says:

    yeah true SaaS is the next big step in this economic world. With the SAAS service or recent cloud computing users are able to access web services through the internet as it is installed on their workstation so I can say this is just amazing. With the ease of use it offers a flawless customer experience and a scalable platform to manage identities.