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Benefits of cloud: The case for business agility and scalability

Many companies list the top two reasons to adopt cloud technology as cost savings, and improved security. These are reasons that any organization can relate to, and should.

But what about having access to a scalable “super computer” in the cloud? Scalability — the concept of accessing computing capacity on demand — is a key feature of Infor’s cloud infrastructure and software platforms.

Scalability is an important consideration for many organizations, from the small manufacturer facing seasonal peak demand to the large academic research institution supporting global initiatives. Accessing a “super computer,” via cloud technologies, provides the ability to undertake processes such as forecasting, pricing, or complex science algorithms in real time. Thus outcomes are “of-the-moment,” enabling faster decision making and ultimately improving customer and employee satisfaction.

Consider your company’s growth strategy. If you are planning to or already have employees working globally, the ability for cloud-based applications to provide your people real-time access to information from anywhere in the world at any time is enormous. By replicating the same environment across the globe, multiple global environments remain in sync, and response time is optimized.

The employee experience you want to support is one of “work anywhere, live anywhere.” With scalable cloud solutions, your team has universal access to, and greater sharing of, information that can avoid needless repetition and inefficiencies due to geography and complex organizations — and no bottlenecks caused by lack of computing power.

Almost every business with multiple locations, for example those in the hospitality or retail industries, is concerned with scalability.

Here’s what one retailer says:

“Taking our ERP into the cloud is a natural extension for us. We already take 85% of our orders online, and coordinate sales, production, and finance throughout 84 countries. In order to maintain that kind of activity and growth, a cloud infrastructure is vital. We’ve seen that the cloud is just as fast, secure, and simple as our previous on-premises applications, and the opportunities for integration with our supply chain management applications, as well as the options for enterprise mobility out in the field, make the cloud an obvious choice.”

  Tony Kirby, Portwest finance director 

Business without borders is a key component driving cloud adoption. And within that, is scalability — driving success for many organizations. Learn more.

Thinking about your journey to the cloud? Get there in only six steps with Infor.

— Riaz Raihan, Infor global head of Value Engineering & Cloud Architecture

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