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Making it real: How Infor engineers and services close the digital transformation loop

By Duncan Angove, Infor president

During his podcast review of Inforum 2016, Diginomica’s Jon Reed remarks to fellow analyst Vinnie Mirchandani,  “When they [Infor] started talking about digital transformation, my bullshit detector went off. That’s only because every show I’ve been to this year, you name it, that’s sort of the griddle cakes that are being pushed on stage, right?” While the discussion recognizes changes to the business model that make Infor’s proposition unique, I get Reed’s initial cynicism.

In fact, I welcome the critical attention.

The more anyone researches our approach, the more meaningfully we differentiate our offering. In particular, two interviews conducted by SiliconANGLE’s Dave Vellante and George Gilbert at Inforum demonstrate Infor’s commitment to delivering digital transformation for our customers.

Chief Creative Officer Marc Scibelli talks about how the challenges of leading Hook & Loop have benefitted H&L Digital. Some insights go beyond tech: “We learned what it was like to be a transformational group inside an organization.” Customers who are trying to digitally transform their companies need to win hearts and minds, and helping them do so is a big part of his job.

He also discovered the importance of being integrated in every step of a customer’s digital transformation journey. Creating great user experiences in Infor software is one of Hook & Loop’s missions. Instead of making UX recommendations and validating them at the tail end of development, he realized early on: “We had to get in deep with our product teams.”

Being embedded in the customer’s product roadmap is a crucial differentiator for H&L Digital, as Scibelli and his team bring a perspective on the available technology that no other digital transformation service in the market can offer.

We create those roadmaps differently, too, as SVP Riaz Raihan explains in another interview with Vellante and Gilbert. Infor Value Engineering identifies opportunities for Infor customers to improve employee engagement and gain competitive edge. What distinguishes his team is that they bring skills in tech architecture as well as business analysis, where many similar services only bring the analytical side. Using a recent engagement as an example, he puts a spotlight on why this is so important:

“Had we used the business-only model, we would have run the analysis, figured out which sub-processes need to be impacted, the value of doing so, given them metrics to measure—and then we would have stopped.

But the way we’ve set it up at Infor, we worked with them to figure out what their existing technology landscape is, what a prototype of the future vision might look like—and we work with Hook & Loop on that—and then went two steps ahead and helped them figure out how best the infrastructure below that could actually work to make it real for them.”

Digital transformation is a buzzword. But not at Infor. By co-innovating with our customers, codifying their products, capabilities, and services through our applications, and executing through Infor Value Engineering and H&L Digital, we close the loop and help them realize success.

Watch more interviews from Inforum 2016 on the Cube, from SiliconANGLE.


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