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Seeing the big picture on guest activity

By Duncan Angove, Infor president

Most gyms set up their equipment all wrong. The Wall Street Journal reports that many clubs have begun using digital trackers to quantify what’s really happening on the exercise floor. The data shows they have too much fancy equipment when their patrons actually prefer more basics—free weights and mats. And prominent placement of those newer machines is often at odds with the users’ preferences—they’d rather not be on display themselves, during a workout.

The data in these cases may be more straightforward than it would be in a hotel chain, casino, or other hospitality segment, but these businesses are also challenging themselves to get smarter about what their guests want. They have to.

Just like gym owners need to make sure that the expensive equipment really gets used, hospitality providers—operating in an even more competitive and volatile industry—are analyzing the whole spectrum of services they offer in order to get guests in the door and improve service after they arrive.

At the world’s largest hotel company, the cloud helps accomplish both. “Finding the time and resources to manage all of the nuances of a revenue management function presents a significant challenge,” says Wyndham Hotel Group senior vice president, Kathy Maher. Using an autopilot feature to speed decision making across 4,500 properties, Maher says Wyndham’s cloud-based system can “make an estimated 15 billion pricing decisions per month, enabling our owners to focus on what matters most: servicing guests.”

Automation is a big deal for general managers at hotels and resorts of all sizes. That’s why so many are looking to the cloud to help integrate systems and make data actionable.

And once you have actionable data about your guests, social media provides the ideal channels to effectively engage the modern guest, allowing the business to deliver targeted offers and more personalized experiences—all while automatically collecting data that can be used to measure how effective the promotion is.

There’s no substitute for personalized service. Hospitality providers can’t afford to miss out on any opportunity to better understand how to personalize service for every guest and to maximize every revenue stream. Aligning your systems, strategy, and execution can be a struggle, but as any gym trainer will tell you—no pain, no gain.



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