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Brace for disruption in the age of hyper-connectivity

By Duncan Angove, Infor president

Digitalization is changing the game for every industry—and every industry knows it. In one report dealing with the financial industry, 100% of business leaders surveyed said that they expect their sectors to be impacted by digital disruption in the future.

While almost 90% of manufacturers said they’d consider implementing digitally disruptive technology, only 28% think it will generate increased revenue, and only 13% see digitization as a path to a new revenue model. Manufacturers—and industries in general—are worried about the risks of digitally disrupting their current processes and technologies, especially if they’re already profitable.

System-wide change would cause trepidation in any organization, but it’s necessary to address those fears to be able to transition into the new age of hyper-connectivity. Right now, industries and companies need to figure out how they will embrace new technology, put aside their doubts, and make digital disruption work for them—before it’s working for one of their competitors.

At Infor, we’re already helping customers navigate the changing landscape to take advantage of the opportunities presented by connected intelligence and other digital disruptors. The rewards for embracing these initiatives now can greatly outweigh any associated risks—and I talk more about this in the video below:


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