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Redefining business intelligence for the enterprise
June 1, 2017

Taking a networked approach, employing data science, and putting user needs first, Infor and Birst are positioned to redefine business intelligence for the next generation.

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With HTAP, planning and execution come together for faster insights
April 6, 2017

Hybrid transaction / analytical processing (HTAP) platforms help deliver on the promise of IoT data to provide fast insights.

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Brace for disruption in the age of hyper-connectivity
March 6, 2017

How can your company navigate digital transformation? Choose a software partner that understands your industry.

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In retail, new technology is even reinventing old technology and its data
February 6, 2017

IoT technology will allow for new in-store retail experiences—and even augment the value of existing data.

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To pave the way for smart cities, data sharing in our connected communities must be a two-way street
January 26, 2017

The first wave of autonomous cars foreshadows an inevitable truce between a user’s privacy and the value of our collective data for the greater good.

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Happy holidays are on the way for warehouses with harmonized data
December 7, 2016

For logistics providers, success in the busy gift-giving season demands IT integration.

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Seeing the big picture on guest activity
November 7, 2016

Total revenue management and digital transformation combine to help hospitality providers understand and impact guest behaviors.

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The future of cities: richer data from the past
August 4, 2016

A groundbreaking new research paper provides an indication of the potential to make historical data more usable to contemporary planners.

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Making it real: How Infor engineers and services close the digital transformation loop
August 2, 2016

Digital transformation is not a mere buzzword at Infor. Learn how we meaningfully differentiate and demonstrate our commitment to realizing your success.

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Effective data visualization takes more than beautiful design
June 23, 2016

The simplest measure of data viz success: Does it work?

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