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New self-paced eLearning courses for Infor LN

May 4, 2017


Four new self-paced eLearning courses have been released for Infor LN



LN: LN Service Enhancements Overview (Global | USA)

This course gives an overview of the small enhancements implemented in LN Service version 10.5.1. This course will you give an understanding of the usage of LN Service Enhancements Overview and shows you a deep dive of the integration between project and service. Furthermore, you will learn about a new parameter to make the user installation group optional and also a new parameter that was created to update planned dates of the activities from assignments.

LN: Managing the Integration Between Sales and Service (Global | USA)

With this course, you will learn how to manage the new integration between Sales and Service. The course shows you new flexibilities and describes your benefits and how the module can help you, among others with Quotes and Orders, Service Contracts and Activity in Sales Order Type.

LN: Mobile Service Overview (Global | USA)

This course explains the new functions and features of Mobile Service. The course describes in detail how to use Document Output Management in order to mail the Visit Report to contact persons, customers or employees. Infor LN Mobile Service fully integrates with ERP Infor LN and is a key solution for all customers using Infor LN Service.

LN: Using Resource Management in LN (Global | USA)

This course explains which new Resource Management features are available in LN 10.5.1. The module will help you with current challenges like planning your employees precisely for different activities, it will provide you with a higher efficiency in the resource planning process.

Click on the course title links and log into Infor Campus to register.


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