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New instructor-led courses for Infor M3

March 23, 2018

Two new instructor-led courses have been released for Infor M3

M3: v13x Administering Security for the Cloud (Global | USA)

This course covers how Infor M3 controls end user and system administrator access to the system. After completing this course, you will be able to describe aspects of the Infor M3 security model, you will know how to explain the process of maintaining Infor M3 users and describe amongst others how role-based security can be used to secure your Infor M3 environment or how to secure particular records within Infor M3 database tables. The course contains how to log on to Xi, securing access to various environments, access to Infor M3 companies and divisions, authority to perform individual functions, and ultimately into protecting data and even controlling access to individual fields on a screen. Administering security at individual or group/role level will be discussed. Hands-on exercises are provided to practice course topics. This training is applicable for the following Infor M3 version: 13.4.

View full course description and agenda >

M3: v13x Configuring Document Output XML (Global | USA)

This course brings you a detailed knowledge about Infor M3 BE COM and how to describe the basic configuration steps to generate a configurable XML file. You will also learn how to explain the XML components of the M3 Document XML file structure and how to add and manage fields for an XML structure and how to export print file XML configuration. The agenda covers topics like how to configure M3 output programs to customize the XML output stream using M3 Business Engine (BE) Configurable Output Management (COM). This course focuses on configuring XML output for documents. This training is for version 13.4.

View full course description and agenda >

Click on the course title links and log into Infor Campus to register.


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