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Don’t miss this Complimentary education webinar for Infor M3

June 8, 2018

M3 extensibility—leverage Infor OS (Xi) to personalize user experience without changes to source code

Learn how to leverage extensibility in the Infor OS platform to personalize the user experience

Webinar Date and Time: June 14, 2018 3:00PM CET


Infor Education is happy to offer this complimentary webinar where Infor product expert, Jean-Luc Meyer, will take you on a tour through the world of Infor M3. Together with him, you will dive deep into the processes and secrets of Infor M3 extensibility  and how you can extend the power of the ERP system beyond what it was designed for. You should NOT miss this webinar, if you would like to learn more about how you can personalize and improve your user experience with Infor OS.

During this webinar, Jean-Luc will demonstrate:

  • Setting up homepages on the Infor OS platform
  • Ming.le, the social collaboration that is baked into Infor OS
  • Leverage end users’ navigational possibilities via ION Enterprise Search
  • Guard the quality of the master data using event-based alerts
  • Supply immediate operational reports via Infor OS widgets’ M3 information viewer and M3 information monitor
  • Upgrade the browse function (F4) with better search capabilities
  • Auto complete item numbers, customer numbers, and account numbers while selecting them
  • Save new, user-defined data in a designated table (CUGEX1) and use the new data in view definitions and ad-hoc reports
  • Create metadata before defining new user-defined data
  • Add additional information to any field (also using CUGEX1)

Audience: The content of this webinar is appropriate for M3 users, including moderate to advanced technical administrators, developers, and IT staff.


Jean-Luc Meyer | Principal Learning Consultant, Infor
Jean-Luc Meyer is a software consultant at Infor and comes with years of experience in software implementation projects at Infor and other ERP providers. His primary role is to deliver training courses within Infor Education and to customers. He also collaborates with the Education team on the development of training materials.
Jean-Luc Kauffmann | Global Education Product Manager, Infor
Jean-Luc Kauffmann is a global education product manager with a 15-year background in education and Infor products. His role within Infor Education is to develop high-quality education programs and ensure that the training we offer is aligned with customer requirements.


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