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Last call for Infor Education webinar for Infor Organizational Change Management (OCM) and Digital Transformation

June 12, 2018

Only 7 days left

Infor Education webinar: Change and Digital Transformation—Aligning People and Technology


Date: June 19, 2018

When: 11:00 AM, ET

Business and technology are changing at the speed of light and continue to evolve in a highly digital direction. Leading digital change through this evolution is both exciting and challenging. It creates massive opportunities for organizational transformation.

Digital transformation goes far beyond technology updates. Its impact resonates throughout the entire organization, including the global workforce, as collaboration and innovation must be aligned to achieve both core business objectives and an effective organizational change management strategy. There are multiple paths to innovation, and no better time than the present for you to consider the options that are available.

Carol Fitzgerald Tyler, Global Senior Practice Director for Organization Change Management in Infor will present you the values and the challenges of digital changes.

Join the webinar if you would like to learn more about:

  • the wave of global digital expansion
  • the human and organizational change experience
  • the top benefits your organization can realize immediately by engaging people in the journey of digital transformation and organizational change management



Carol Fitzgerald Tyler | Global Senior Practice Director, Organization Change Management | Infor

Carol is responsible for Infor’s global organizational change management practice. She has been responsible for various strategic programs, field enablement, and early adopter clients; and is passionate about customer references, digital transformation, and numerous special projects. With more than 29 years of experience in the Infor and Lawson world, and in the fields of sales, program and project management, and training, Carol is an industry-recognized expert in organizational transformation, change management and communications strategy. In addition to her business background, she is a Board of Trustee member and mentor for the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation providing STEM scholarships to university students, an author, motivational speaker, and four-time marathoner.


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