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COOL solutions for food and beverage compliance

June 15, 2016

With an increasing focus on global sourcing, food & beverage managers are facing a whole new range of food safety challenges.

Not only do they need to monitor ingredients and preparation at every stage of the supply chain, they also have to keep up-to-date with constantly-changing government regulations.

This becomes especially complex in markets where retailers are required to provide transparency through accurate country of origin labeling (COOL).

In some countries, for example, fresh meat products must indicate where the animal was born, raised and slaughtered. In the US, COOL obligations extend to fish, shellfish, nuts and ginseng. In the UK the rules are slightly different.

Tomato-Sauce-FB-Process-Manuf-food_iStock_497x373To keep up with ever-changing compliance demands, manufacturers need detailed information about countries where their ingredients are sourced—and the regulations in markets where their products are sold.

Only with advanced labeling and traceability tools can manufacturers be confident in their ability to:

  • Create accurate labels
  • Meet government regulations
  • Optimize formulas
  • Be prepared for recalls

Read more about delivering consistently high-quality products, reducing regulatory risk, and protecting your brand integrity.

Download our industry perspective on COOL compliance and recall readiness.


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