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Manufacturing is alive and well—just changed

July 7, 2016

Infor President Stephen Scholl weighed in on the health of U.S. manufacturing last week in a Contributors Blog post on The Hill, a popular political and public policy website. In the article, “American manufacturing isn’t dead, it’s evolving,” Scholl discusses the link between technology and innovation and the role technology plays in reinventing manufacturing.

manufacturing-factory-plant-machinery-hightech-oil-gas-sunlight_iStock_gl497x373“While low-paying manufacturing jobs continue to be outsourced, this doesn’t necessarily indicate that manufacturing is dead, or dying,” Scholl writes. “It does, however, signify that manufacturing is changing, and it’s changing at a pace that is challenging for us to keep up with.”

Scholl acknowledges that manufacturing’s solid hum and drone of assembly line output has become quite muffled in some industries and regions. Jobs have been outsourced to countries with low wages, and behemoth plants with outdated processes have been closed. Communities that lost their manufacturing backbone have been devastated.

On the flipside, other plants are flourishing. These are the organizations that saw the future early, fully embraced it, and jumped on board with enthusiasm. These are the companies that are digital, connected, and using smart technologies to focus on the factors that matter most to the evolving market.

 Read Scholl’s vision of reinvented manufacturing on The Hill.


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