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My Visit to Turkey Hill Dairy


Guest post by Adriana DiNenno, Business Analyst, Development, Infor

A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to tag along with a few members of the Infor10 ERP Process Business (Adage) team to visit to Infor customer, Turkey Hill Dairy. In the two years I’ve been with Infor, I’ve heard rumors around the office about what a strong relationship the Process Business (Adage) development team has with its customers, but, I’ve never seen it first-hand—until now.

From the first moment we pulled up next to one of the many barns at this Lancaster County location of Turkey Hill Dairy, the entire Turkey Hill staff went out of their way to make us feel at home, including phoning directions to one of our Process Business (Adage) team members that was lost on one of Lancaster County’s many windy roads. Thanks to him, she didn’t miss the Turkey Hill tour that was to follow.

The day began in a large, formal conference room where the Turkey Hill team members greeted us—all wearing matching t-shirts. It wasn’t until later that I realized that these were the same t-shirts the Turkey Hill employees had worn during the implementation of Process Business (Adage).

Greeting each Process Business (Adage) team member at the conference table was a free Turkey Hill ice cream scooper, and coupons to enjoy Turkey Hill products when we left that day! Not to mention, several bottles of the addicting Turkey Hill iced tea product.

Next on the agenda was the facility tour to see Process Business (Adage) in action. We all suited up in factory-safe clothing, from steel-toe shoes to goggles, and headed to the factories for our tour. First, we watched how Turkey Hill iced tea is manufactured. And, saving the best for last, we toured the ice cream facility to see how Turkey Hill’s creamy ice cream is made. This was the best part of the tour as we tasted fresh ice cream right off the linethere’s nothing like it.

Aside from the free ice cream, the best part of the tour for me was seeing how Infor10 ERP Process Business (Adage) helps Turkey Hill run its business. As we walked around the plant, I was able to make connections on how certain Process Business (Adage) screens actually work for Turkey Hill. On more than one occasion, a Turkey Hill employee would mention a specific Process Business (Adage) employee by his/her first name and how they work together. As I reflect back on the whole trip, this is the part that makes me proud to work for Infor. I was pleased to see that the employees at Turkey Hill Dairy enjoy working with Infor employees almost as much as we enjoy working with them.


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