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Tap Into More Service Revenues with Service Management


More than three-quarters of the US GDP comes via services, according to The World Factbook, Central Intelligence Agency, 2010. Smart manufacturers know this, and they’ve been looking for ways to differentiate their new products by adding new services to the value equation. Even now, according to the 2009 Annual Survey of Manufacturers from the US Census Bureau, manufacturers generate about 6% of total value of shipments from services. This includes installation, repair, and training support and services. In sectors such as industrial equipment or computers and electronics, that percentage is even higher. Yet manufacturers searching for service revenues should proceed with care: Customers demand responsiveness from service organizations, and they penalize firms that fail to deliver at world-class levels.

What does it take to meet world-class service levels? Simply this: staying one step ahead of customer inquiries and requests. Yet for most firms, this is anything but simple. It requires tracking every customer touch, transaction, and function; sharing that information with every employee who might touch that customer in the future; and monitoring and reporting customer service activities for day-to-day decision-making as well as strategic planning. Infor’s Service Management—a fully integrated, robust, scalable, and automated field service management solution for System i—improves service visibility and allows service organizations to proactively manage aftermarket services.

With Service Management you can meet customer demands, increase visibility into service performance metrics, and improve collaboration across the enterprise to find new revenue opportunities. Better customer relationship management increases sales opportunities and revenues while also boosting revenue per technician via improved scheduling. Not surprisingly, service profits also rise through improved forecasting and planning, spare parts management, warranty tracking, and contract management.

No two service organizations are alike, so you’ll need tools tailored to your firm’s needs—both in the office and in the field. Service Management includes all the flexible, digital tools you’ll require—with seamless, end-to-end integration including:

  • Customer service interaction management/call management
  • Service performance management for generating and maintaining complex equipment records
  • Customer web portal for faster, more accurate response and a web-based service order dashboard for providing visibility and control to dispatchers, supervisors, and customers
  • Electronic transactional capabilities, including Infor Barcode and RFID for tracking key components and high-value items
  • Mobile support, including mobile service entitlement management (contracts, warranties, and service policies) and mobile connectivity and service scheduling with complete field workforce management, workload forecasting capabilities, and a dynamic scheduling assistant

As your service organization succeeds, Service Management can smoothly scale to meet growing needs by supporting new sites, partners, subsidiaries, and franchisees. It ensures that everyone in the organization has up-to-the-minute information for confident decision-making that improves customer satisfaction and profitability. How’s that for service?

Let us know what you think, we would love to hear from you.

Posted by Joe Marino, Vice President, Development, Support, and Product Management, System i


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