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Introducing Infor Lawson Smart Reports


By Matthew Albee

I am pleased to introduce a new no charge component, Infor Lawson Smart Reports. Infor Lawson Smart Reports is designed to make Infor Lawson reports beautiful. Infor Lawson Smart Reports enables the configuration of Infor Lawson standard report output to match a customer’s report styling requirements. For example, Infor Lawson Smart Reports enables report styling such as adding a company logo, bold, italics, underline, alignment, deleting and adding rows and columns, and many more report styling features. Infor Lawson Smart Reports does not require any additional license fee or licensing. All Infor Lawson System Foundation customers on maintenance have access to Infor Lawson Smart Reports. Infor Lawson Smart Reports operates with Infor Lawson System Foundation and higher and Infor Lawson System Foundation and higher. To provide an overview of Infor Lawson Smart Reports, we welcome Keith Knuth, Principal Software Architect. Please see Keith’s recorded video posted below for an overview of Infor Lawson Smart Reports and its exciting capabilities.

Demo by Keith Knuth


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Is this available for Lawson M3 also ?

Keith Knuth

Sorry, no. This is included with Infor Lawson System Foundation only.

Tom T

Could this be used for producing invoices or is it strictly a report customization function? Thank you.

Keith Knuth

Infor Lawson Smart Reports personalizes existing reports.

Jon A.

Are the customized LSR reports affected by upgrades or patch installations?

Keith Knuth

Generally speaking, no, LSR reports are not affected by application upgrades.

Sally M.

Do you need 'Smart Office' to implement Smart Reports?

Keith Knuth

Infor Smart Office is not required. You can view Smart Reports with just a browser.

Justin West

We have multiple business units each represented by a company id within Lawson. Could each company have their own modified template, or would they all have to use the same one?

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